Richard Westover – CEO

Mr Westover completed 4-year degree at the University of Phoenix in Management. He manages people money and resources for the Air Force. Mr Westover continues education by working on his Masters Degree in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Computer Network Operations.

Mr Westover is currently serving in Air Force active duty for 19 years. He specializes in System Administration, Information Technology, Network Security, and researching vulnerabilities. Mr Westover takes current vulnerabilities, and tests them to see if they can still be exploited. Another step in this process is mitigating the vulnerabilities. Since there are several facets to Cybersecurity its a constant learn curve to evolve with technology.

Mr Westover is currently a Senior Advisor with AIGI to consult regarding Cybersecurity. He brings a broad variety of knowledge and skills to help protect and guard against stealing of proprietary data. Mr Westover will soon retire and join the private sector in Cybersecurity and will choose from some of the biggest and brightest names to include Amazon.

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